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I will have a personalized and consultative approach to your real estate investment vision. I will listen to your goals, ideas, and capacity to determine the best plan of action to get you started in the right direction. I will be your advisor all throughout the process to ensure a clear direction, strategy and tenacity to achieve the desired property or space.

Search was specifically designed to be user friendly and allow you to set your own criteria to design and search for the perfect property and location to fit your desired business or real estate property portfolio needs and wants in Florida. Set your filters, location, property type etc and Go!


You found a property, but is it a good investment? The numbers never lie and with access to the most comprehensive and up to date commercial real estate platforms, such as CoStar, at my disposal we will be able to analyze the data characteristics of the property to determine whether it is worth the investment. I will treat every endeavor as if it were my own.


Once we find the location, we will engage and negotiate for the best price and terms. As a licensed commercial real estate agent, I can help negotiate terms and acquire the best property/space for your needs.

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Whether it is real estate, property management or law, life is complicated. A second opinion is never a bad idea. Let us help you!

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